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EZ Plastic Pipe Fittings

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Polyethylene vs. steel HVAC

EZ Plastic Pipe and Fittings is a complete plastic HVAC system assembled using individual plastic components and ensures efficient and quiet distribution of forced air.  Our patented system is extremely efficient at preventing heating and cooling losses.  It eliminates the need for installers to stock multiple sized and shaped components in a warehouse where they collect of dust, dirt and pollen.

AND best of all, NO SHARP EDGES which eliminates the potential for injury commonly associated with conventional metal ductwork.


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More Efficient.  Less Cost.

Studies have shown, 12-40% of conditioned air is lost through the numerous cracks, seams and holes found in conventional sheet metal ducting components. 

EZ Plastic Pipe and Fittings has eliminated these issues and is capable of delivering 100% of the heated/cooled air to the living area of the home.  Certified with ETL and have the UL-2043 national building code, our ductwork is guaranteed to perform and satisfy even the pickiest homeowner.

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